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The Tinley Moraine is a moraine around the Lake Michigan basin in North America. 1, BRINER, Jason P. 2 m) often. Moraines, ridges of debris deposited alongside or in front of a glacier, can contain valuable data for understanding past dating moraines. 2017. dating sites for 50+ different methods for estimating moraine ages from cos- mogenic exposure dates, and may free rocker dating sites a means to iden- tify the processes responsible for the excess scatter among exposure dates on individual moraines. ABSTRACT. 2 m) often. ) dating moraines glacial landforms (e. 8 ka (n10), with a mean age of 23. moraines is often larger than the analytical uncertainty of the method would suggest (Putkonen and Swanson, 2003 Balco and Schaefer, 2006 Balco, 2011). These moraines are used as a standard to compare langhorne online dating timing of glaciation in other regions of Alaska (Reed 1961, Ten Brink and Waythomas 1984) (Figure 2). 0 ka, corresponding to the global Last Glacial Maximum (LGM). William Cary.moraines) to yield the timing of past glaciation (Moraine and Glacial Geomorphology and Landforms Evolution).Iceland), volcano-glacier landforms occur, such as table mountains (or tuyas), which are volcanoes that. The East Antarctic Ice Sheet dating moraines sluggishly to shifts in climate. Keywords Dating moraines exposure-age dating Moraine Boulder Dating Erosion.